Accredited Installers

What Home Improvements can we cover?

Subject to our approval, GDGC Accredited Installers can purchase protection for homeowners for a variety of Home Improvements. Below are some of the most popular installations covered.


GDGC Accredited Installers

To become a GDGC Accredited Installer applicants are required to demonstrate that they are competent, have a solvent business, are installing fit for purpose products and carry the relevant certification and experience.

Successful applicants who qualify to become a GDGC Accredited Installer are regularly monitored to ensure that they are financially solvent and that they have kept up to date with their relevant certification.

Interested in becoming a GDGC Accredited Installer?

If you are interested in becoming a GDGC Accredited Installer, please complete the below fields and a member of staff will contact you shortly to go through the application process.