GDGC Spotlight: Ashburn Stoves

Ashburn Stoves

How did the business begin?

Ashburn Stoves was started after we fit a renewable heating system in our own home. It made such a difference to our heating bills and we are very keen on the environmental benefits. We wanted to pass this on to others.

Tell us about Ashburn Stoves and Heating?

Ashburn have over 30 years experience fitting central heating into old properties throughout the Dales, including Gas, Oil, LPG and more recently renewable heating such as Biomass, Solar and Heat Pumps. We want to help reduce the carbon footprint of the UK by encouraging customer to include renewable energy products in their homes.

Who is your Star Employee and why?

Star employee

Bruce Mills

Bruce is our technical manager. Bruce is an old school engineer who has been fitting heating systems into the remote areas of the Yorkshire Dales for over 30 years. He has an in-depth understanding of renewable heating technologies.

Star employee

Steve Finch

Steve takes care of the website and marketing at Ashburn Stoves. He addresses the challenges of keeping the company in the public mind, on-line and off-line. Renewable technologies are an ‘unknown’ to the majority of the public and establishing a dialogue which gets their interest and gives them confidence requires constant work.

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