Deposit Protection

What is a Deposit Protection Insurance?

Usually before an installation commences, consumers make an upfront deposit payment to the trades person. In the event that the trades person ceases to trade before the installation has either begun or has been completed, usually the money that they have paid is lost. Our Deposit Protection provides valuable cover to help prevent this from occurring.  

Deposit protection

What home improvements do we cover?

Subject to our approval, Accredited Installers can purchase protection for homeowners for a variety of home improvements installations. Below are some of the most popular installations that we can cover:

Accredited Installers

All prospective Accredited Installers are required to demonstrate that they are competent, have a solvent business and install products for which they carry the relevant certification and experience.

Successful applicants who are accepted as an Accredited Installer are regularly monitored to ensure that they are financially solvent and that they have kept up to date with their relevant certification.

Benefits of using a GDGC Accredited Installer

Applying to become an Accredited Installer is easy! Simply click on the link below to start your application, it only takes minutes to complete.

*These are just some of the cover limits and features of the insurance policies that we can arrange. We are not the insurer and cover is subject to the insurers full policy terms and conditions. Not all selected installers can purchase deposit protection. If you would like to know more about the features, benefits, exclusions and limitations of the policies we offer, please feel free to contact us.